About Thomas Wakim

Acupuncturist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Chines Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Thomas Wakim has over 10 year’s experience as a health practitioner.

M: 0430 008 036

He takes a hands on healing approach which is nurturing and deeply relaxing. 

His treatment’s include Acupuncture, Remedial massage, Deep tissue release techniques, Trigger point therapy, Active release techniques and Myofascial release. 

Muscle and joint range of motion testing is integrated for effective results. Cupping, gua sha, moxibustion and heat lamp therapy are modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine used to increase the healing process of tissue damage. He has experience treating musculoskeletal injures and chronic pain including  sciatica, knee injuries, shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, scoliosis and more. 

He takes an integrated approach and is also able to treat internal conditions such as digestive problems, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression and more. The holistic nature of Chinese Medicine means that you can have multiple health concerns addressed in your treatment.

Thomas Wakim price list 2018

Acupuncture Treatment: 

  • Initial – 1.5hrs : $120
  • Standard – 1hr : $85

Remedial Massage Therapy:

Initial / Standard   – 1hr : $97

                                   1.5hr – $138

Remedial Massage & Deep relaxation:

  • 2hrs – $180

For Tor the ultimate healing and regeneration experience. Taking you to a place of clarity and peace within yourself, where your deep personal wisdom resides.

Acupuncture & massage packages:

  • 5 SESSIONS = $400 – ($80 Per Treatment)
  • 10 SESSIONS = $750 – ($75 Per Treatment)