SPA : Male waxing

Special men’s grooming done by a male therapist for you

Hi guys, finally a male waxing service done by a male therapist in North Shore and next to Waverton train station – perfect location. And don’t feel shy to come in, we are a massage/acupuncture clinic,  so nobody will guess that you are coming to be tidy up….

A short introduction about me : Yann

I have been a French Australian male massage therapist for over 8 years now. I opened my own clinic few years ago in Waverton – just after North Sydney – 

Why male waxing at Health Clinic Waverton ? Well the answer is quite simple, I am working with lots of athletes and sports people and many guys are looking for a place to be waxed – cyclist, swimmer and so on –  by a male .  Just to be able to feel confortable when it comes to do intimate part. I have been also asked by guys who gonna get married for the honey moon night. Or just guys asking to have their body trimmed when it is difficult to reach it – back of the legs, buttock and back-

Can you trust me ? I am a fully trained waxing therapist and i have been waxed myself. Means i know what i am talking about. On the top of that, i love to use top quality product and not cheap ones that you can find everywhere. And i am really into hygiene and cleanliness when it comes to human body.

Why waxing ? comfort, hygiene, increase of sensation, aesthetic, sports related, feeling net and tidy. Pick the one that suit you. But also waxing has other benefits : slower the regrowth of hairs – great for every parts by also for nose, ear and intimate parts, the new ones will be tapered and soft – great feeling for you and your bed partner(s). Waxing is a good technique to get rid off of dead skin too.

First time ?  You need some info then.

 Waxing is a technique for hair removal using wax applied on the skin. The full hair will be removed, giving room for a new soft and beautiful hair. Does it hurt : I did it myself and really i don’t understand all those videos on youtube. This is NOT excruciating. I also did it on first timers and nobody screamed and have been in tears. Plus the technique, the quality of the wax add to the therapist experience is your guaranty for a low pain. 

98% of my booking are done online. It is so easy and simple for you. You will receive a reminder 24H prior the treatment with a little task – it is a plus to exfoliate the skin before waxing  to perform for a better result-.

Firstly at the clinic, we will fill out a patient form to know more about you – medical history, etc…- and your expectations. 

Secondly, i will explain to you how does it work and how you will except when i remove the wax, plus how you have to get dress or undress depending on where i need to wax.

Thirdly, I am going to wax you in the treatment room. That include : you getting undress and for me to prepare your skin before waxing, waxing and post waxing treatment.

At the end, i will give you some recommendations for aftercare. As a male you are sweating 50% more than female so we want to avoid side effect like pimples. Aftercare is really important.

If you need more info, feel free to contact me by Email :

The price  list below is attracting a 15%OFF Winter discount


price list wax and trim for male 09- 2018